Future cosmetic packaging design development trends


01 Packaging design of individuality-oriented publicity cosmetics

On the basis of emphasis on protection, transportation, and convenience, we must also show its artistry, culture, and uniqueness, so as to maintain its infinite charm on this stage.

For cosmetics with strong times, the unique personality image has been favored by consumers. In the era of “post-90s” and “post-00s”, young and trendy men and women have become the vanguard of beauty and fashion, building a highly personalized brand culture has become the key to a sudden emergence in the competition, and tapping the individual needs of young people from behind cosmetics packaging. From brand tone, product packaging, and community communication, it is an important step in the packaging of cosmetics.

02 Design and packaging that emphasize diversified fusion cosmetics

Pursuing the pluralistic unity of traditional culture, modern culture, and world culture, we should absorb the essence of historical culture, infiltrate the excellent traditional culture into modern art, and guide the public with elegant and excellent taste.

The smoothness, completeness, and completeness and symmetry of Chinese packaging design style are also the psychological commonalities of the entire Chinese nation. In addition, with the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the cosmetics industry is also emerging a wave of beauty intelligent revolution. Intelligent beauty instruments and tools continue to emerge, and the design of cosmetic outsourcing materials and the choice of materials must also follow the trend of the times and continue to introduce new ones.

03 Caring idea design reflecting humanity

The concept of humanistic design that reflects humanity is the goal that the human design world has been pursuing. Humanistic design will bring endless aftertaste to people, give people an unparalleled visual experience, and bring people a warm and intimate feeling. The humanized design is also reflected in the deep concern for people and nature, that is, the awareness of environmental protection reflected in product design at all times, which is also the viewpoint advocated by the current market and trends. Cosmetic packaging design should extend the most fashionable beauty to the eternal topic of environmental protection. This is people's beautiful yearning for returning to nature and protecting nature. It will definitely become the mainstream of the global cosmetics design industry.

04 Plastic products will become the main trend of cosmetic packaging in the future

The cosmetics packaging market has always been dominated by glass, but the diversity and durability of plastics have made plastics more commonly used packaging materials, and the market demand is increasing. 

The main reason plastics are favored is that for a range of bath products, plastics have advantages over glass, and the versatility of plastic products can support the increasing diversity of end-user products. The plastic bottle has a small specific gravity, is easy to be colored, and has high plasticity. It can be made into various bottle shapes and has a low price, which is suitable for large-scale production.

It can be decorated by metal steaming and hot printing to meet the needs of different grades of packaging. Although glass bottles are also important packaging materials, plastics will be used more widely in the future. In addition, with the development of polymer science, new materials with better materials and more environmental protection will gradually emerge.

Cosmetics packaging design is not only reflected in the choice of materials, color matching and aesthetic and individual design, but also in the manifestation of the brand's connotation and consistent adherence to the sustainable development strategy. Objectively speaking, companies need to invest in products at low cost, consumers need products that are easy to use and look good, and the ecological environment needs to be green. This requires cosmetics companies to change their thinking in the early stages of product development, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and produce environmentally friendly products without losing design Aesthetic skincare products are available to consumers.

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