Cosmetics packaging design and development


Packaging is the facade of a brand. A beautiful packaging design can effectively attract the attention of the audience. A good packaging design also represents your company's values. To design a practical and beautiful cosmetic box, consider the following points.

1. Target market

The packaging design you are about to make is customer-specific, so it's important to understand your target customers. Each market is attracted by different things. A design that appeals to young girls may not appeal to mature women; the packaging design of male cosmetics is different from that of women. Once the target customers are identified, do some market research on the currently popular products and packaging with prominent design elements. You don't have to copy their designs, but you can take inspiration from their cosmetic box designs.

2. Brand identity

The cosmetic brand identity is to convey the right message through packaging so that consumers can better understand your company. Packaging design is an extension of the company's identity. Consumer perceptions of the company's product packaging will always affect their perception of the company's identity. It is also common practice for companies to use multiple packaging designs for different product lines under the same brand, especially those that are large enough to diversify their products.

3. Marketing and distribution strategy

In the cosmetics market distribution strategy, you need to consider where your target consumers will encounter your products. There will be no obvious difference in design methods for online sales, small boutiques or large shopping stores, but the key is to Make sure your product easily stands out from dozens of products. On the shelves of large shopping stores, luxury packaging designs are more likely to be found by buyers. However, in a small boutique, you need to cater to consumers who are usually more mature and stylish. Luxurious design may not work, but simple and elegant packaging design may be the most effective method.

4. Product packaging layer

When it comes to the design of cosmetic boxes, you may need to consider two levels, the outer box and the inner tray. The outer box generally refers to the outer packaging that customers often see when purchasing products from physical stores. The inner tray is used to store the product to prevent the product from colliding during transportation. Generally use sponge, plastic, EVA and other materials.

5. Packaging highlights

Regardless of the shape of the package, you never want to make the package completely blank. Every product needs a name, and the packaging needs product information so that buyers can fully understand what they are buying. When a buyer is hesitant, he will look for more information on the packaging to convince them to buy. Unfortunately, most people don't spend much time thinking about it, which means that the packaging has only a short time to convey the most important information about the product. This key messaging is the focus of the box. In addition to these, these messages can be highlighted with the following design elements.

1) Style: Color and text play a vital role in persuading people to buy cosmetics. You can use an ideal combination to attract people's attention, stand out from the crowd, and match your brand identity. Such a design may be difficult to achieve with one color, but there are countless combinations to explore. Language is equally important. Make sure the text is easy for customers to see. Using contrasting colors and unique fonts is an effective way to achieve this.

2) Logo: Your cosmetics can have two logos. One is the company logo and the other is the product logo. Its corporate identity and brand identity appear on the product packaging. However, the brand identity is more dominant on the packaging, often on the front. Just like any other logo design, it must truly represent the main characteristics of the product. For example, the main ingredients used, its performance, its efficacy, or its expected effect.

6. Printing options

Lithography, flexo, digital, gravure and screen printing are just a few of the most popular packaging printing methods. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but digital printing is generally considered the best in terms of price, speed, or quality. Depending on the material used, you can make good use of laser etching, for example on metal, wood or even glass. This method can be costly, but it is a good choice, especially for the high-end market.

In today's beauty industry, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Unchanged cosmetic packaging may not achieve the desired sales effect. A good cosmetic packaging design can directly affect the brand ’s position in the market. What are you waiting for!

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