What are the prospects for the development of killer products after covid-19?


Since the outbreak of COVID - 19, governments and each big media is not to go out, do not cluster, wearing a mask, wash your hands often and corresponding was damaged masks and hand sanitizer everyone's plunder, hoarding, drive up prices, instant transformation rush to do a lot of beauty makeup xiaosha class products, hope can restore some of the losses during the epidemic, and be able to make a killing.

Due to the inconvenience of purchasing hand sanitizers during the epidemic, people will stock up on a certain amount of sanitizers. This covid-19 outbreak has enhanced people's health awareness. According to relevant data, 28% of Chinese households used hand sanitizers in 2019 before the outbreak of the new pneumonia, and the penetration rate of hand sanitizers was relatively low.

With the aggravation and spread of the epidemic, the daily sales volume of hand sanitizer soared from about 2.8 million to more than 31 million after January 19, about 11 times of the previous year. Sales of hand sanitizers jumped 2315% after the outbreak, according to suning.

I believe that the most common thing people do during the epidemic is to wash their hands. No matter when they go out, they go to wash their hands every once in a while at home so as to avoid being caught by the virus. The rapidly growing demand has led to a shortage of hand sanitizers. On e-commerce platforms and wechat business platforms, hand sanitizers of both major brands and new brands have been sold out. For beauty makeup companies that have been unable to cope with the epidemic, the transformation into sterilized products seems to be a life-saving solution.

However, frequent use of disinfectant hand sanitizers containing alcohol may lead to symptoms such as allergy, redness and roughness on the hands. At this time, hand cream becomes very important, and sales of hand sanitizers will increase accordingly during the epidemic, which is also an opportunity for beauty companies.

In fact, in addition to the "wei xiaodao number" sterilized hand sanitizer, there is also a "wei makeup approved word" hand sanitizer, this hand sanitizer will be relatively mild without stimulation, the ingredients and facial cleanser is very similar, the hand skin injury is relatively small, but may only be able to carry out simple cleaning work, the effect of sterilization is not big.

In addition, the anti-virus effect of washing liquid during the epidemic is also popular. Return to work you need to frequently go out, in the subway bus elevator waiting for the sealed space, unavoidably clothing will stick to all sorts of bacteria, returned home to prevent pollution of the home requires timely clean clothes, ordinary laundry detergent can clean slightly, and special period requires clean degree stronger products containing sterilizing efficacy.

Although the number of sterilized products increased significantly during the epidemic, will it continue to increase for a long time after the epidemic? Whether can the enterprise follow the trend into the bureau to eliminate products?

Since 2003 after the SARS, combined with China's economic development and people living standard rise, wash your hands become everyone's really a good habit, but as people slowly forgotten of SARS event, some of people do not use hand sanitizer, gradually just rinse, even use hand sanitizer, and average daily cleaning, use alcohol disinfection liquid soap is less.

However, enterprises are not encouraged to blindly follow the trend when they see that the products of elimination and killing are selling well at the present stage. During the epidemic period, the traditional big brands such as velux, dripping dew and safeguard have been robbed of their goods. In addition, people's panic psychology has caused people to rush for other small and medium-sized brands. Once the outbreak is over and the market is back to normal and the big brands are well supplied, where will they go when the companies whose products have been killed by the epidemic will be hoarding a lot of goods and unable to sell them?

Although there are a lot of business opportunities during this epidemic, we hope that enterprises can take into account the needs of consumers and the development situation in the later stage, do relevant market research, and do the right thing at the right opportunity, so as not to make a mistake.

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