How much do you know about cosmetic packaging materials?


Market Overview

At present, the United States is the world's largest cosmetic packaging market, accounting for about 20% of the global cosmetic packaging market, and China is the world's second largest cosmetic packaging market after the United States, with a market share of approximately 15%. China's cosmetics packaging includes glass, plastic, metal, composite materials, paper packaging and other types. According to preliminary statistics, from 2014 to 2018, the average annual growth rate of China's cosmetics packaging reached about 7%, and the size of the cosmetics packaging market in 2018 About 26 billion yuan. At the same time, as China ’s economy continues to grow steadily, per capita income and living standards will continue to improve. Driven by the strong promotion of consumption, China is expected to surpass the United States in the next few years and become the world's largest cosmetics packaging market.


Glass was the earliest packaging material used in cosmetic packaging, and was once the material of choice for cosmetic packaging. Glass has high transparency and good quality and texture, which can highlight the taste and grade of cosmetics. It is mainly used in packaging of high-end cosmetics such as skin care products and perfumes. However, due to the shortcomings of glass, bulky packaging products, high transportation costs, and insufficient environmental protection, at present most of the low- and middle-grade cosmetics have gradually adopted plastics, plastic flexible packaging and other materials instead of glass.


Plastic is the most common and widely used packaging material in cosmetics packaging. It has the characteristics of light weight, low price, easy to scale production, etc. At the same time, it has good printability and can be used for direct printing, thermal transfer, inkjet and other printing. It has been widely used as a main packaging material in various cosmetic packaging for a long time, including hard plastic packaging, plastic soft packaging and carton packaging. In addition, with the continuous maturity of materials, molds and blow molding technologies, the transparency of plastics has been continuously improved. At present, some plastic products have transparency close to that of glass, making plastics to further replace glass as the most important material for cosmetic packaging.


Metals are mainly used in lipstick, mascara, powder packaging and aerosol cosmetic packaging. At present, there are fewer and fewer pure metal cosmetic packaging, and it has gradually developed towards the combination of metal and plastic.

Development trend

In cosmetic packaging, the currently used materials have poor environmental performance. With the deepening of the concept of green and environmental protection, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable cosmetic packaging will become the main development trend, and various new green and environmentally friendly materials will Continuously applied to cosmetics packaging to achieve green and sustainable development of cosmetics packaging.

Green cycle

Green packaging refers to the packaging of cosmetics with green packaging materials. On the basis of ensuring the protective performance of the packaging, by reducing the aesthetic design of the packaging of cosmetics, green packaging is the primary goal.


Cosmetic packaging recycling will also become the focus of future development, through the use of recyclable packaging materials to achieve packaging recycling effects. From the carton packaging station in the cosmetics industry to 40% of the total carton packaging market. As secondary packaging for toothpaste, soap, skin care and hair products, carton packaging, like hard and soft plastics, can maintain a large growth. The rapid development of the toothpaste market in the Asia-Pacific region has promoted the growth of the carton packaging market. For Western Europe, the neat and beautiful carton packaging can display more product information. As a high-quality and low-cost green packaging, paper packaging is becoming A fast-developing industry in the national economy, and the packaging market leaves great room for development of paper product packaging both in quantity and quality.

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