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Cosmetic packaging materials

① Plastic. At present, plastics used in cosmetic packaging are mainly PET, PE, PVC, PP, etc. Among them, PET was mainly used for water and beverage packaging at first, but because of its high strength, good transparency, good chemical stability, and barrier properties Higher features, in recent years are widely used in creams, lotions, lotions and other packaging.

② Glass. As a packaging material, glass has many valuable properties, such as: transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability, and excellent barrier properties. It can be made into packaging containers of various shapes and sizes by a variety of molding methods. Perfume and some high-end cosmetics cater to female consumers with its crystal clear beauty.

③ metal. Metal has good barrier properties, especially aluminum has a very strong barrier to water and oxygen, which can protect the contents very well. It is mainly used for some essential oil-added skin care products, moisturizing spray metal cans, Some make-up boxes.

Cosmetic packaging structure and styling

① Bottle. Bottles are one of the most common and widely used cosmetics containers. This is mainly because cosmetics are mostly liquid or viscous pastes, which have relatively good fluidity, so using bottles can hold and protect the interior Thing. The capacity of the bottle is large or small, which can meet the needs of various cosmetics.

② box. Boxes are also more common in cosmetics packaging. They are mainly used in cosmetics packaging, such as powders and eyeshadows, which are mostly made of plastic. They can be made into transparent or certain color packaging boxes as needed. The outside of the box can be printed to make it. More exquisite, can also give people a richer experience through three-dimensional pattern relief.

Cosmetic packaging decoration

Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicity. It only needs to display the necessary information such as trademarks and product names. In many cases, no other graphics or patterns are needed. If cosmetics packaging uses graphics or patterns, it is also very simple. For example: you can choose raw material pictures, this is mainly used in some cosmetics using natural plants as raw materials.

Color is an important part of cosmetic packaging design. People often use color to distinguish different products. Appropriate color can touch the earliest and most pleasant response and directly stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The main color design of modern cosmetics packaging is It is carried out from the following aspects:

① Color design according to consumer gender. Women's cosmetics packaging is usually mild but not intense, bright and not dazzling, such as: powder white, light green, light blue, giving a relaxed and lively feel; male cosmetics packaging mostly uses high-purity, low-brightness cool colors Such as dark blue, dark brown, it gives people a stable, powerful, confident, angular feel.

② Color design according to consumer age. For example: young consumers are full of youthful vitality, and the packaging designed for them can use light green, a color that symbolizes youth's life. With the increase of age, the consumer's psychology changes, and using noble colors such as purple and gold can better satisfy their pursuit of noble and elegant psychological characteristics.

③ Color design according to product efficacy. At present, the functions of cosmetics become more and more detailed, such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, etc. Color also plays a key role in cosmetics packaging with different functions.

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