What is called good skincare is actually a word-suitable, which has nothing to do with the brand, pr


What is called good skincare is actually a word-suitable, which has nothing to do with the brand, price and efficacy. After all, everyone's skin is different, and the individual's skin will change at any time with the physical condition, surrounding environment and mood state, so what kind of skin care products are suitable skin care products? For me, it is not allergic, dry or acne-prone, and the skin is stable, even if it is a very suitable skin care product. As for the effects of delaying aging, whitening, wrinkle removing, acne removing, etc. mentioned in the advertisement, I have not used too many skin care products to feel the difference.

As we all know, the skin care industry is a profiteering industry, and the industry's publicity and marketing is also very mature. Many times, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish which are their real needs and which are marketing content that merchants deliberately create. Skin care is a systematic project, and it has a lot to do with the individual's skin quality, physical condition, psychological state, surrounding environment, diet, skin care products, and so on. In many cases, it is difficult to find the real cause of the skin becoming better or worse, which may be a comprehensive factor. After trying to understand this, I will rarely be led by ads anymore. I only choose skin care products that can keep my skin stable. It doesn't matter its brand or price. Of course, it must be legal and legal to purchase normally through regular channels. I am generally more cautious about brand products, so-called Internet celebrity products or WeChat products.

I once read a professional analysis article that exposed the development and production costs of skin care products, coupled with a severe skin allergy a few years ago, I was surprised to find that the so-called skin care products of several thousand yuan are not necessarily more than a few One hundred or even tens of yuan is good.

At that time, the cost of my skin care products for a month was almost two to three thousand yuan, and all the skin care products from foreign high-end brands were used. Maybe it was because of a new skin care product, or because of the physical and psychological conditions at the time. After waking up one morning, I suddenly found that my skin was severely allergic, red and swollen, and there were countless dense bags. If you touch the water, you can't bask in the sun, otherwise it will be more serious, it hurts and itches, you can't touch it.

With a cabinet full of skincare products, I would not use any of them, it would only be more serious. I saw several hospitals and doctors and said that it was allergic dermatitis. I prescribed medicine and the effect was not very good. Because my skin can't bask in the sun, I can't blow hair, and I can't get water. I can hardly go out. I feel bad every day. I really thought it would be like this for the rest of my life.

Just when I was most desperate, I met a doctor who told me to be calm and calm, do n’t eat irritating food and hair, do n’t use any skin care products, and wash gently with water every day. For the second time, don't touch your face with dirty hands, change the pillowcase regularly, wash your hair regularly, and wait for skin symptoms to ease. Then simply apply some moisturizing skincare products.

At the time, I really had no choice but to do what she said. Except for work, at other times, I read books at home calmly, eat as much stewed food as possible, do not eat seafood, do not eat spicy, do not eat cold drinks, do not eat snacks, eat more fruits, drink more water, ensure sleep, and start at the same time jogging. I haven't used any skincare products for about two or three months, including facial cleansers. At first I was really uncomfortable. I always felt that my face was not cleaned, and my skin became dry and tight after washing. After a long time, I gradually adapted. In fact, think about it, my mother didn't use skin care products all her life, and her skin is still fair and delicate. Instead, we have become dependent on our long-term use of skin care products.

When the skin symptoms improved, I started to simply apply some domestic brand skin care products. The first thing I tried was Yu Mei Jing, and I found that it was still a little oily for me. I went online to find a domestic brand with a good reputation, and after a period of trial and error, I have been using products from the following brands for a long time:

1. Cleansing milk-green pure honey handmade soap, generally used at night, occasionally use pearl powder on weekends, most of the time wash your face with water;

2. Eye Cream——Dabao Eye Cream, Dabao Eye Wrinkle Honey and Dabao Eye Bag Cream. My requirements for eye cream are moisturizing, non-allergic, and not long fat granules. These three eye creams from Dabao completely meet my requirements. Eye skin is relatively thin, if it is too dry, it is easy to grow fine lines; if it is too thick, it is easy to grow fat particles, fortunately Dabao does not have such a problem. I usually apply wrinkle honey and eye bag cream in the evening, and apply eye cream and eye bag cream in the morning. I use the ring finger and middle finger to gently pat the skin around the eyes to help the eye cream absorb. Do not apply too hard to avoid pulling too much. Spit it out, the packaging of the eye bag cream is too strenuous. When you use the back, there is no way to squeeze out the remaining eye bag cream with your own strength. Every time you have to rely on the strength of your husband, the design is too tasteless;

3. Rub the face oil-use Yongfang Advanced Body Lotion in the morning, this brand should be used more by the mother's generation, but I also use it very well, the skin is stable, I use this in spring, summer, autumn and winter; then rub one The sun-resistant small gold bottle, I apply sunscreen every day and never stop, even if it is cloudy or indoors, there will be UV damage to the skin. The sun-resistant small gold bottle is best for me. Dry without oil, do not rub the mud; at the end, I will lightly press on a thin layer of Yongfang pearl paste. I use it as a plain facial cream, soak it with the index finger every time, and then mix it in the palms of both hands. Covering the cheeks, forehead, and neck with the palm of your hand, pressing the pearl paste on the skin is very natural. You don't need to remove your makeup at night, and it can nourish the skin for a long time. Just pay attention, first, you can't wipe too much, it is easy to fake white; second, you can only press, not smear, or you will rub the mud. In the evening, I usually apply the pearl cream of Pien Tze Huang and Queen. Many people don't like the taste of Pien Tze Huang, but I really like the feeling of a little Chinese medicine. Apply a thick layer before going to bed at night, and the skin will be fine and white the next day. Even if you occasionally develop a acne, you can apply it for a few days. These skin care products are very cheap except for sun-resistant products. Although I use them a lot, I do n’t feel bad about them. The most important thing is that the effect is not worse than the big foreign brands. At least I use it. .

4. Moisturizing body lotion-Moisturizing body lotion is the first product of Clarins' body series, especially the care oil. It has no disadvantages except expensive, and the effect is really good. However, whether the body lotion is expensive or cheap, as long as it is applied for a long time after bathing, it will be very beneficial to keep the body skin delicate and soft.

5. Hand cream—Due to the dry weather in the north, as long as the skin on the hand is wet, it is easy to crack and grow barbs. So even if I'm lazy, I often can't remember applying body lotion, and sometimes I don't even apply face oil, but I will remember to apply hand cream. I am a loyal fan of Neutrogena Hand Cream. I buy more than a dozen and twenty at home every time I carry out activities, and I keep it in my bag whenever I go out. As long as you wash your hands, you will apply them. Only in this way can you keep your hands moist. One of my favorite things about Neutrogena Hand Cream is that it is very moisturizing, absorbs quickly, and is not greasy. After painting and absorbing, write on the paper with pen immediately without leaving greasy marks. I once recommended it to a friend ’s mother, an elderly man in his sixties, who had long-running hands with household chores, and fell in love immediately after using it. Named to use Neutrogena hand cream, which shows the moisturizing effect of this hand cream How powerful.

      From the above, you can see that the skin care products I use are expensive and cheap, and there are domestic brands and foreign brands. The use of these products has been tested for several years. It has really worked well for me and can help my skin. Keep it dry, allergic, and free of acne. Again, what is appropriate is the best.

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