How to properly care for our skin in winter


In the winter, there is a lack of water, and the air is relatively dry. Therefore, it is best to choose those skin rehydration effects when choosing skin care products. Mixed skin is prone to certain changes. Sometimes it may be dry, sometimes It is oily, so you should not choose too simple skin care products, it is best to choose some with oil control effect, some have hydrating effect, so you can choose different skin care products according to skin changes, when you go out in winter, be sure To strengthen the effect of hydration.

The choice of skin care products in winter mainly depends on its moisturizing performance.

After cleansing, firming, and moisturizing, consider using an essence that deeply moisturizes the skin.

The scrub can be used once a week. It can effectively remove dead skin and make dry skin easily absorb the moisturizing ingredients in skin care products.

It is best not to use alcohol containing toners after cleansing, because alcohol can cause skin dryness.

The sun protection work of the skin cannot be ignored in winter, because ultraviolet rays are not only patronized in summer.

Make up lotion, moisturizing lotion to strengthen hydration to make up for moisture. Don't use a skincare product on your entire face, it will make the oil more oily, and the dry place will still look the same. In fact, thorough cleaning and moisturizing is the most correct maintenance for oily and acne areas.

1. What skin care products to use in winter

Human skin is roughly divided into oily, dry, normal, mixed and sensitive skin. Because the nature of the skin is different, so are the suitable products. Oily skin will not be so dehydrated in winter and the skin itself is oily, so choose skin care products that are not too oily, and choose non-greasy skin care products.

And dry and normal skin will be particularly dry in winter, even skin cracking, so be sure to choose skin care products with strong hydration ability

For sensitive skin, choose a mild skin care product, preferably a natural skin care product without added chemical ingredients.

The choice of skin care products is mainly for you, not necessarily the more expensive the better.

2. How to choose skin care products in winter

2.1 Hyaluronic acid: scientific name is hyaluronic acid, or uronic acid. Has a very strong water absorption ability, can absorb water that is several times higher than itself, in a short period of time let horny moisture fill. The elastic fibers and collagen are in a moisture-filled environment, which is more moist and elastic than the skin.

2.2 Glycerin: The scientific name is glycerol. Glycerin can be classified as a natural ingredient. It is the oldest and most popular but also very effective moisturizing ingredient. It is mild and safe to the skin and will not cause skin irritation or discomfort.

2.3 Collagen: Collagen is arguably the brightest star in the cosmetics industry. With only 0.01% pure collagen solution, it can be well below a variety of radiation, improve the survival environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissues. In order to achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin and extending aging.

2.4 Amino acid: When the tenth content in the stratum corneum decreases, the amino acid content will also decrease at the same time, so the addition of amino acids in skin care products is necessary. It is mild in nature and does not irritate the skin.

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