The status of packaging design


         Since the 16th century, the rapid development of industrial production, especially the European industrial revolution in the 19th century, has greatly promoted the development of the packaging industry, thus laying a foundation for the emergence and establishment of modern packaging industry and packaging technology. At the end of the 18th century, French scientists invented the sterilization method for packaging and storing food, which promoted the rapid development of food packaging science in the 19th century. In 1800, wooden boxes came out, the first Fourdrinier paper machine appeared in Britain in 1814, tinned metal cans appeared in 1818, corrugated paper was invented in the United States in 1856, and bag making machines were made in Europe in 1860, and invented in the United States in 1868. The first synthetic plastic, Celluloid, began to recognize corrugated boxes as shipping packaging containers in 1890. Many of the history of general packaging development are closely related to the advancement of science and technology. From new materials to new processes, from production methods to recycling, the basic theory of modern packaging has been designed into various disciplines, forming an organic knowledge institution. .

With the increase of people's consumption level and the enhancement of consumption capacity, the production and sales of cosmetics, such as daily necessities and cosmetic products for the purpose of maintaining human cleanliness, health and beauty, have achieved unprecedented development, and the competition in the cosmetics market has become more and more fierce. Occupying a place in the fierce market competition is even more painstaking efforts, in the packaging and promotion of cosmetics, various packaging forms are dazzling. In order to better publicize their products, the merchants have different classification and packaging of cosmetics, which are suitable for their own characteristics.

Packaging adaptability classification

1, solid packaging, mainly eyebrow pencil, lip liner, powder and so on. The packaging of such supplies is relatively simple.

2. Solid particle (powder) type packaging, mainly foundation, fragrant powder, etc. The commonly used packaging methods are carton boxes, composite carton boxes (mostly cylindrical barrels), glass bottles, metal boxes, plastic boxes, and plastic bottles. , Composite film bags, etc.

3. Liquid, emulsion and paste packaging. Among all cosmetics, this type has the largest number and type, and most skin care cosmetics are in the form of liquid, emulsion or cream. Packaging forms are: plastic bottles, glass bottles, and composite film bags of various shapes and specifications. For the above-mentioned various packaging forms, the way that is intended to be matched with the color printing carton is usually used to form a cosmetics sales package with the carton to improve the grade of the cosmetics.

4, spray packaging, spray packaging has the advantages of accurate, effective, simple, hygienic, quantitative use as required. Such as hair mousse, perfume and so on.

Development characteristics of cosmetic packaging now

1. The application range of plastics and composite materials is increasing, and the design of plastic bottles tends to be diversified. Use of glass bottles is restricted.

2. Diversification of packaging containers (to meet different consumption levels)

3. Serialization of packaging design, packaging more and more adapted to the needs of individual development.

4. Some supplies use packaging such as spray packaging for the convenience of consumers.

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